Jolt Lighting was started back in 2015.  Aaron O’Dell had already been in the industry for 10 years and was looking to do something new.  He believed that Christmas displays were too old fashioned and that the future held brighter, more modern displays that pulled the audience into the story.  Aaron enlisted the help of his youngest brother, Skylar, and they created Jolt Lighting in the shop in Aaron’s backyard.  They had been scheming for years to figure out a way to work together and it was finally happening.  But after three months, the small shop would no longer contain them.  They moved out of the backyard and over to a commercial space in Grandview, MO (a southern suburb of Kansas City, MO) where they continue to design and create the coolest Christmas displays around.
Their family tree is decorated with entrepreneurs.  On their mother’s side, there was a plumbing business and a hunting supply company.  Their mother has a business decorating cakes and catering weddings.  One of Aaron and Skylar’s earliest jobs was washing dishes and bussing tables for weddings and events.  On their father’s side were a number of farms, a machine shop, auto repair, a trucking line, and an auto parts business – started by his grandpa.  His father and uncle took it over and still run it today.  Their brother Derek runs a construction business.  Small business is a family affair.
We know small business.  We were born and bred small business.  We are a product of the life that small business can offer.  We’ve been fortunate to have so many mentors in our family.  The lessons we learned from our parents and grandparents will stick with both of us throughout our lifetimes.” – Aaron O’Dell
Cakes N More O'Dell
Mom and Aaron (the one with the rock n roll haircut) catering an event in the early nineties
Machine Supply Staff
Paw paw, Dad, and Uncle Willie at the parts store in the early two thousands

Who is Jolt Lighting?

We are industry leaders:

Our staff doesn’t look lightly upon the fact that we are industry leaders. We understand that this title isn’t a destination, but rather a continued path of edification within our craft. It demands that we continue to think like leaders; continually innovating, always rethinking. It necessitates a clear and consistent vision from our team in order to keep creating new, quality products that will get our clients noticed. This badge is a reward of the successes we share with our clients, and it is a title we plan to keep.

We are creatives:

We strive for the best, and to be the best, in a fast paced, technology driven industry. Our team has to work together to perpetually create not just new, but innovative products that are cooler, better, and smarter than before. We are designers and tinkerers. We are makers and engineers. We do not shy away from the challenges of creating custom pieces. We are open minded, constantly thinking and working to change our perspective. That’s imperative both for our success as a business and for the gratification of our clients.

We are subject matter experts:

Yes, we’ve earned our credentials. Yes, we’ve worked within this same industry for 16+ years. Yes, we’re hands-on everyday. Yes, we are bona-fide experts! Jolt Lighting is a small business, and this requires each member of our team to have a deep understanding of our functions, processes, technologies, and equipment. We are often sought out by other companies for help using our expertise to solve a specific problem or to help meet a particular technical challenge. Yes, we are subject matter experts within our field, but that doesn’t mean that we are know-it-alls! We are savvy enough to know that the only way to be a bona-fide expert is to perpetually dig for new knowledge and to continue growth within our craft.

We are visionaries:

We have a unique ability to see what others cannot. We strive to see the big picture and how various factors link together to create that picture. With our foresight and imagination, we can take your concept and bring it to life! We are a concept-to-completion business. We aren’t just thinkers; we are doers. We can help at any stage of your project.

We conceptualize displays, products, and installations from a blank slate:

Taking a product from concept to reality is an intricate and time-consuming process. While it might sound difficult, thinking of a good idea is the easy part! Once the idea seed is planted, our team will design and share a digital rendering that will commence the concept’s growth cycle. Upon client approval, we then move on to prototyping the product. After hours of nurturing our idea with testing and quality control, we have cultivated a unique, quality product that will elevate your display. The final step to a flourishing product is a successful installation, and Jolt Lighting’s team is always available to help. Our clients benefit greatly from working with a single company that guides them through all the stages of the concept. From something to nothing, we guarantee you’ll get the final product you desire.

We partner with other industry leaders to provide a full suite of products and services with one point of contact for our clients:

This makes us a one-stop-shop for all things lighting displays from products to ideas to installations. Our clients get the benefit of working with a single company that has an immense network of other market professionals in their back pocket. This asset means that you’ll always know who to contact with questions or concerns regarding your product, and that we’ll have the answers. We won’t ask you to call a light string manufacturer or suggest that it’s not our area of expertise. We are your one-point-of-contact with the other industry leaders on our speed dial. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we know someone that will. We have the proficiency and resources to build a display that will impress even the most veteran of holiday decor creators.

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