Can Christmas displays really increase your revenue?

Yes.  Christmas displays are a great way to increase your bottom line.  Studies show that consumers would rather shop at stores with decorations during the holidays.  Children also request to return to stores that create fun, festive atmospheres.  When kids ask enough, parents say YES!  If your business wants some help standing out in a noisy world, lets team up!

Does your competition decorate? Want to out-do them?

​Our lighted displays are fresh and innovative. There is nothing on the market quite like them. We provide displays that others don’t because we create. We are artists and craftsmen. We make modern displays with just the right touch of traditional that will have patrons flocking to your store rather than the other guys.

Become a part of your customers' holiday tradition!

If your patrons can rely on your business to have a great holiday display every season, your business will become part of their family’s holiday tradition.  Year round business from them is also more likely because your business is a familiar friend and essentially part of the family.  The power of tradition is strong and should be considered when starting a holiday light display.  Every year new families and old are making updates to their holiday traditions.  Let us help you become a holiday destination.

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