Communicate with Windows Up

How long will half of our society be worried about their health exposure?  The 2020 pandemic has changed the way our communities interact and potentially for years to come.  With our contactless ticketing system and adequate informational signage, guests will know they can display their ticket in a closed vehicle window and not risk the exposure. 

Informational signage will be crucial to maintain contactless communication between you and your patrons.

Signage can…

…inform a potential yet-anxious customer, that your light park offers a no-contact entertainment option.

…inform patrons to keep the windows up and push the printed or digital (cellphone) ticket to the glass on the vehicle for scanning.

…inform guests that are already onsite how to pay-ahead and utilize the contactless ticketing system.  They can do it with their phone while waiting in line).

…inform guests of emergency phone numbers or information hotlines they can call while waiting in line.

…inform guests of the Letters to Santa program.

Pics of the signage create a great opportunity to advertise on social media.

Certainly, communication will be necessary to acclimate customers to your new system and make them feel comfortable – but pics of these signs on your social media will help advertise to your customers how serious you are about their health and how not-scary-or-risky-at-all your park is during these trying times.  Snap a picture of Santa standing next to your “no-contact entertainment option” sign and post it on Facebook to help spread the word!



The examples below instruct your customer to have their ticket ready, keep the windows up, and push the paper ticket (or QR code on their cellphone) to the window of the vehicle.  Other styles and customizations available.

Contact-less Signage
Santa says keep your windows rolled up
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