Halloween is Trending

That could be an understatement.

According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween products generated an estimated $8.4B last year. That is up from $6.9B in 2015. In fact, Halloween spending has consistently been on the rise for some time. The NRF has reported on Halloween spending for a consistent eleven years running and the single day holiday has proven each year to spread its zombie virus upward and outward.

The haunt industry has become a $300M+ industry all its own. The reason very likely stems from the popularity of all things scary. You can’t go far without talk of zombies in today’s age, and creative lengthening of their busy season has potentially had the biggest effect.

Classically, haunted attractions run 30 to 45 days a year and then close. Many haunt owners take on additional work during the off-season because… you know… adulting. With the popularity of Creepy Christmas and Bloody Valentine events, these businesses can effectively extend their season through into January and open again for a week or two in February, rounding out their yearly season. Another extension of the industry has been in Escape Rooms. These are year round businesses.

If you own a haunted house, corn maze, hay ride, escape room, or if you run a business that benefits from Halloween decorations, we’d love to talk about partnering with you to create a truly unique display that attracts attention, interacts with or scares guests, promotes products, or simply entertains.

But, watch the date. It creeps closer every day…

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