How can you create impactful displays with limited time to devote to installation?

The quickest answer: Hire Us. It’s what we do!

Want to DIY? We have a few tips.

I will define impactful as having a strong effect. Impactful to our clients could mean eye-catching. It could mean that it attracts more customers to your business, impresses more friends and neighbors, or it improves your bottom-line in any number of ways, such as increasing happiness in the workplace. To achieve your desired effect, your display needs to cater to your audience, and it needs to wow them.

Many of us could come up with fantastic, eye-catching displays given enough time. If you are looking for an impactful display that won’t take you days to install or months of light show design and programming, our off-the-shelf products (such as our In-a-Box product line) might be exactly what you need. Plug them in and they begin entertaining right out of the box. Find out more by following this link to our shop.

Setting up a set of Jolt Lighting’s Singing Reindeer and Santa can be done by one person in under an hour’s time. They are extremely impressive in person and will create the impact you set out to achieve.

We have plenty of quick setup products that will create memories for your patrons, guests, family, and neighbors for a lifetime! What are you going to do now with all that sense of accomplishment and free time? 😉

If you do decide that you are interested in our install services, call us today for a quote, or email me from the link below.

But, call soon… we’re booking up fast!!

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