Daytime Appeal Animated Holiday Lights!

Jolt Lighting’s Outdoor Christmas Decorations have both DAYTIME appeal as well as the magical, dancing synchronized lights enjoyed best during the evening!

Give the North Pole a run for it’s money with our Outdoor Christmas Decorations! Our lights are so bright they’ll make your whole yard shine!


It’s true, everyone loves the holiday season! It’s a great reason for our families to get together, catch up over some hot cocoa as we watch the kids laugh and giggle over all the dazzling holiday decorations. Wait, no decorations? I’d hate to be the person who had to explain to the kids why you’re The Grinch this year!

Okay, okay, let’s say you do have some outdoor Christmas decorations to place around the yard; a fiberglass reindeer with flaking fur-colored paint that’s seen better days and some blinking white lights…blink on, blink off, blink on, blink off. Good try, but have you taken a second to imagine yourself in the minds of our current-day children? With HD TV’s and unlimited access to their personalized, mobile pocket computers it takes a little extra effort to engage kids nowadays. We can make you this year’s holiday hero! The envy of your neighborhood! We guarantee the kiddos will only pull out their smartphones if it’s to record your strikingly impressive and mind-blowing outdoor Christmas decorations! Watch out! You might be the next YouTube Star, if you’re not careful!

Speaking of YouTube, check out the video displaying the LED animated lighting that’s installed on our Singing Reindeer and Santa Claus collection. These lights can be synchronized to your favorite, holiday tunes!

A little tidbit, if you purchase the accompanying Santa Claus display his mustache dances around (extra cool!). Our reindeer can be purchased as a solo display (one reindeer), duo display (two reindeer), or trio display (all three reindeer). Or you can purchase the entire display as a quartet with Santa to orchestrate his herd (three reindeer and Santa Claus).

No, we’re not a one-trick pony here at Jolt Lighting! We have many more designs to offer, so if you’re not interested in our Singing Reindeer collection then make sure to check out our other daytime appeal, outdoor Christmas decorations. We’ve shared a video below for quick reference on our Chroma Graphix line (you can view more available design options on our YouTube Channel).

You have the spirit, the holiday cheer, but you haven’t a clue how to begin assembling the BEST CHRISTMAS LIGHT SHOW in the neighborhood, right? Don’t worry, you’re not the first novice to find their self in the holiday decorating conundrum! In fact, we ran into this dilemma with first time customers so often that we created a complete Christmas Light Show kit as the perfect solution and it has quickly become our most popular product!

Don’t let us push you out, maybe you’re interested in our holiday displays for commercial use rather than residential, no problem! All of our products are designed and fabricated with the intention of being displayed in a commercial setting; better safe than sorry, right? We agree. This means that our products meet commercial standards and regulations and would be a great addition to your storefront or business. Increase your traffic and multiply your customer base with one of our amazing light shows today!

Thought we were done, did ya? Nope! Since we design and fabricate all of our products in-house on our very own CNC machine we can also customize your display . If you’d like to incorporate your business name for more promotion or perhaps you’d like to support your local community, we can do just about anything so call us now!

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