Mark Callegari


Mark is a serial entrepreneur, having started 5 technology companies related to software or LED lighting and controls. He enjoys designing circuits, writing software, and lighting things up.

He also enjoys building and flying drones, building large tesla coils, anything involving fire or explosions, and loves donating his time each year creating the Midwest’s largest holiday light display at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.

Mark also did all the engineering and wireless work to create the Guinness World Record’s “Largest Pong Game.”

Aaron O'Dell


Aaron wears many hats in the company. Aaron has 12 years of lighting experience. Graduating from DeVry with a degree in electronics engineering, he started working immediately with Christmas displays and lighting.

When he is not in full-throttle engineering or programming mode, Aaron is spending time with his family and fiancé, riding his motorcycle, or playing his guitar. He started his first band at the age of 15 and still plays today when time permits.

Aaron is a man of faith and is very passionate in life. He is a licensed marriage officiant and has had the pleasure of marrying multiple couples. Aaron has found his niche in RGB lighting and looks forward to changing the holiday lighting display world.

Skylar O'Dell

Director of Sales & Operations

Skylar has a wide range of experience in sales and marketing, in addition to a more varied workforce background, including boxer and train conductor. He has a passion for golf and graduated from Golf Academy of America, originally interested in Golf sales.

In his spare time, he loves golfing and mining for diamonds (he even wishes to one day be a famous treasure hunter).

He has traversed the great states of Texas, South Carolina and Idaho on his way back to his home state of Missouri, where he and his brother Aaron now drive to create the most amazing LED Christmas decorations on the market.

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