Singing Tree Faces!

Let our Singing Christmas Trees and Singing Reindeer do the caroling for you!


You need a holiday display and you want something much more elaborate and unique than what is available in your local retail store. Perhaps you’re in charge of creating the most amazing, spectacular display for your customers and you’re in search of something that will stand up in a commercial setting. Don’t regret your decision by going with an inadequate, under performing holiday display. Make your purchase count and buy one of our commercial-grade and impressively striking animated light shows today!

Singing Christmas Trees

Our Singing Christmas Trees are available in 10-ft, 12-ft, 14-ft and 16-ft tall models manufactured with a heavy-duty steel frame structure and outdoor-rated garland. You have the opportunity to purchase them as a singing trees with music set (Quartet) or as Solo, Duo, and Trio options. The trees are decorated with our Array Series E-40 style, commercial-grade RGB LED light strings. Each RGB strand of light is strategically linked to specific channels on our pixel controller that in turn create facial animations that appear to be singing along with the included pre-programmed holiday songs (qty=10 FREE songs!). For even more visual appeal, the eyes wink-n-blink to give each tree unique characteristics. The super bright RGB LED light strings are wound around the trees and provide an animated ornament light show as well!


EASY STORAGE: Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to have to find a spot to store your 16-ft tall tree; our trees are easy to assemble and easy to breakdown. Simply pop-up the inner rings of the tree with included pole and secure with two bolts; reverse for storage.

Maybe you already have a beautiful, real evergreen tree in your yard or perhaps you have a faux-tree you think these animations would look great on, well, you’re right! If you’d like to use our products with your tree then you have the option to purchase our Christmas-In-A-Box package (also available with RGB option) plus the Eyes & Mouth. Since you wouldn’t be purchasing the heavy, steel tree frame this option would save you a significant amount of money. If interested in going down this route then give us a call today at (775) 538-6533 or email us at

Our animated light show, caroling displays don’t end with the Singing Christmas Trees!

Singing Reindeer and Santa Claus

Our Singing Reindeer & Santa Claus collection each ranging from 5.5-ft to 6-ft tall by 4-ft wide are manufactured with commercial-grade, outdoor-rated ALUPANEL and their features are precisely cut using our in-house CNC Singing ReindeerMachine. We craft the design by using UV-ink, outdoor-rated custom graphics that are printed directly onto the front panels creating the perfect daytime appeal. Your display will look great both night and day! Like our Singing Christmas Trees, you have the option to purchase our Singing Reindeer & Santa collection as a Solo, Duo, Trio or Quartet arrangement.


The displays are animated with ultra bright, commercial-grade LED light strings that are each strategically linked to specific channels on our pixel controller. The preset channel programming is what creates the animated facial movements; the eyes of the reindeer wink-n-blink to the rhythm of the music and the reindeer mouths mimic the words in each synchronized song. Don’t forget Santa! His mustache will wiggle with glee! Our Singing Reindeer & Santa Claus appear to be singing along with the included pre-programmed holiday songs (qty=10 FREE songs!).

EASY STORAGE: Our Reindeer and Santa have a thin profile, so can easily be laid flat for compact storage. If purchasing the stand, those are easily disassembled as well.

Interested in hearing more about our unique, animated holiday displays or have questions about our products? Please call us today!! We love chatting with our customers and we’re happy to assist in any way that we might be able. Call (775) 538-6533 or email us via the link below. Don’t wait, contact Jolt Lighting today!

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