Interested in a Clever Way to Advertise?

What your guests get:

A cool text exchange with Santa.

What you get:

A cool marketing opportunity.

Providing a cool service, like a way for kids to text their wishlists to Santa, is a surefire way to capture parents’ cell phone numbers for mobile marketing.  You wouldn’t want to abuse their phones sending texts every day – but a reminder that Santa is looking forward to seeing them out at your light experience – is just what your park needs.  Plus, that little text message reminder at the beginning of every season makes sure that your experience remains a tradition with your park goers for years to come.

Extend your holiday experience even as guests leave your park!

Our “Letters to Santa” custom signage is a professional-grade, durable solution for delivering the information to your park guests. 

  • Standard size: 4×6 ft
  • Can be customized to better fit your needs.

This no-contact marketing opportunity is a pandemic-safe purchase, yes,
but would be a solid option anytime.  We guarantee it to be a trusted
piece in your holiday light display year-round.  Whether by cars or by feet, this is an opportunity to extend your holiday experience even as
the guests leave your park. 

Letters to Santa Message Example

Letters to Santa example

What can you do with it?

Simple, straight-forward, and fewer messages work best!  Here are a few examples:

We’re opening this Thursday night!  Come out and see Santa between 5pm and 7pm. 

Remember folks that 5% of your admission price is donated to the Boys and Girls Club.

The first 50 cars tonight get in half-price!

Just a little reminder that our light show will run every night this season 5pm to 10pm, until Jan 5th.  Come out and see us or you’ll probably get coal for Christmas this year!  Just sayin.  😉

About the Experience

This stuff really works.  This is the type of interactive experience that really reaches out from the lights and touches the spirit.  You may remember sending letters to Santa when you were young.  For some children, sending a text makes a lot more sense to them than sending a letter.  It’s immediate satisfaction and it’s connected to your light experience. 

As far as promotion goes, Facebook is a great way to promote.  You could even post a Letters to Santa post on your Facebook page and potential customers could be dialing in well before they ever get to the park.  Facebook is useful, but – as an advertising tool, with so much stuff out there – it can be noisy (distracting from your message).  This system sends your message directly to the palm of your customer, reminding your busy audience to buy a ticket and to come see you.  We understand how tricky some of these things are sometimes… and we’d love to help you be successful.

If you are interested in this system, let's talk today!

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