Modern computerized lighting can be challenging...

We make your job easier.  We create and provide light displays that you can install without needing a degree in electronics!  If you can install wireframe displays, you can install Jolt’s computerized displays.  If you don’t feel comfortable with that or don’t have the time, talk to us about your needs.  We install and tear-down where needed!

Sick of the same old thing?

Do you love wireframe displays, but already have a Winter Wonderland full of them?  Break up the monotony of the wireframe light park with our AMAZING animated displays!  How about our light tunnel?  It is a very impressive piece that your patrons will talk about for months.  Watch the video here.

We can handle all your lighting needs!

Call us a one-stop-shop.  We sell custom frames, lights of all types (even RGB pixels), controllers, light show programming, plug-n-play products, creative design services, installation and even tear-down services.  We would love to talk with you today.

GIVE US A RING: (775) 538-6533

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