Looking for displays for your Zoo Lights, Wild Lights, JazZOO or Zoo Boo events?

We’ve got you covered! Our RGB Chroma Graphix ZooLights can create over 16 Million different color variations, so you can leave your display out all year-round and coordinate the colors based on the seasonal event!


Like any good attraction, zoo parks want to encourage visitors all year-round! That’s why they’ve created seasonal events, often geared towards the current holiday, in which they present beautiful light displays portraying the majestic animals in their zoo!

Take Utah’s Hogle Zoo as an example. You can see from the image below that they incorporate the Christmas holiday into their seasonal Zoo Lights event. This is an ingenious idea that aids Hogle Zoo in creating more buzz around their park during the usual off-season Christmas holiday and therefore, generates more profits through event admission costs for their attraction. After all, feeding those beautiful, hungry animals can’t be cheap! Speaking of costs, most zoos and parks alike will ask for a sponsorship for their event to help pay for the animated, animal light displays, that way they have nothing but profits to gain!

While we can still fabricate the traditional wire frame light displays seen in the past, at Jolt Lighting we’ve designed an entirely new concept when it comes to animated light displays. Perhaps it’s time to update your Zoo Lights!

What do you use, if not wire frame structures? Our displays also have daytime appeal!


We’ve designed and created an entirely new look that not only has a great nighttime lighting appeal, but that also looks great during the day! Yep, those wire frame structures look pretty mesmerizingZoo Lights during the evening, but let’s face it, they’re not so appealing during the daylight hours. We wanted to go beyond the light displays that are only visually pleasing when the sun went down by creating a display that is gorgeous during the daytime as well! 

That’s how we came up with our Chroma Graphix ALUPANEL collection; custom printed with whatever illustration you can imagine! We concept and create the design of your dreams and then we print that graphic using UV-ink right on top of the panel. The panel is then precisely cut on our in-house CNC Machine giving the display lifelike features. With the custom design and the UV-graphics, your display will look amazing during the day and be an amazing light show at night!

Don’t worry, just because our displays look great during the day doesn’t mean we cut corners on the animated, nighttime light show! Check out the 6-ft tall lion display that we just shipped out the door to Reid Park Zoo in Tuscson, AZ. The lights are on in our warehouse and it looks great, right? It looks like a lion! Now, take a second to watch the video below showing you the animated light concept that we submitted to Reid Park Zoo before moving forward with their custom, pre-programmed show. We like to make certain our customers know what they’re getting and are very comfortable before making their purchase. Below the concept video is a quick visual we captured of the actual display right before we sent it out the door. Pretty awesome, huh!?

More details below on the lights and the synchronized music!

Our custom light displays are created using RGB light technology. What does this mean?

It means that you no longer have to settle for the limited color combinations that you get with traditional lighting. RGB lighting can create over 16 Million different color variations! No, that’s not a typo! Additionally, our Array Series RGB lighting is built with exceptional durability; fabricated for longevity and commercial use. Each RGB light fixture is built using a one-piece design which prevents moisture and debris from entering the bulb’s housing and ultimately causing light failure. We encourage our displays to remain installed year-round to save you time and hassle of breakdown and re-installation.

Additionally, since our RGB lighting technology can create practically any color imaginable, your display can be customized for the current holiday season! For example, for the 4th of July your display can create red, white, and blue effects and can even be synchronized to patriotic music! Keep the same display, same hardware, and simply allow us to customize your light effects and colors based on the holiday or event! Don’t forget to synchronize your light display to music – details below!


Do you want your guests to hear a holiday carol during the Christmas season? Perhaps the Star Spangled Banner on the 4th of July?

We love to customize our displays by synchronizing the lights to music for our customers! It’s just another way you are able to purchase a unique light show display from us. Let’s chat a little more about this.

Would you like to have a giraffe display at the entrance to your safari area? Sounds pretty cool to us! How about stepping it up a notch by having your display lights ebb and flow to the music of The Lion Sleeps Tonight made famous by Walt Disney’s The Lion King movie? What a great way to create a photo/video selfie opportunity for your guests! We can imagine the videos uploaded to YouTube already showing guests standing in front of your light display bellowing out the rhythmic tune! Talk about generating a buzz!!

The only thing holding you back is that you haven’t called us yet to see how we can help you update and upgrade your Zoo Lights, Wild Lights, JazZOO or Zoo Boo events!

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