Looking to spread holiday cheer throughout your community?

Holiday displays put your town’s citizens in the Christmas spirit.  People buy more downtown when your city is decorated.  It puts people in the shopping mood.  Children are overjoyed seeing the decorations.  They dance and sing along to the music.  If your city could use a little pick-me-up, let’s talk!

Do modern computerized lighting displays seem complicated?

They certainly can be.  We have designed our displays so that they are easy to setup.  You won’t need a degree in computer networking to be able to work with our lighting displays.  If you can setup a standard wireframe display, you can setup a Jolt Lighting computerized lighting display. 

Do you want displays that last year after year?

All of our displays are made using commercial-grade signage materials.  This is space-age stuff!  The same way modern signs won’t dim or fade, our holiday displays won’t either.  They are rated for 5 years continuous use.  If you only use them 2 months out of the year for Christmas, expect to use them for years to come. 

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