• Winteractiv

    Winteractiv (5)

    Winteractiv Christmas displays connect your audience with your light experience.  They invoke an emotional response.  It's responses like these that create lasting memories, but these memories are tied to the experience.  Your light experience!  It's these memories that cement tradition and have your audience coming back year after year.
  • Chroma Graphix

    Chroma Graphix (6)

    Chroma Graphix light displays are modern, slick, displays that turn part of your holiday experience into a energized dance floor.  They are high quality display elements for the modern holiday. Our Chroma Graphix display elements can be standalone or sychronized to music.  They can easily be programmed by your programmer, if you need to customize the light sequencing.  Our preprogrammed shows consist of a mix of traditional and modern holiday songs, selected by you so that they perfectly meld into any vignette within your holiday experience.  
  • Singing Characters

    Singing Characters (8)

    Our Singing Characters entertain your guests.  They are an impactful piece in any holiday light experience.  Designed to look great both day and night, these pieces are sure to turn heads and create buzz. Our Singing Characters have been programmed to sing along with your favorite songs!  Singing Characters can sing, tell stories, and tell jokes. In sets of single, two, three, or four; you'll find a place for these guys in nearly any holiday experience.  Just make sure you've got a little room for people to gather.
  • Light Graphix

    Light Graphix (19)

    Light Graphix create a realistic display that immerses your audience further into the story than they've ever been before.  They make you feel like you're walking through a tasteful holiday cartoon.  Whether scenery or characters, you'll love the modern, tasteful displays.  Also, the resolution sure beats those ancient wireframe displays you see everywhere else.
  • RGB Holiday Display Elements

    RGB Holiday Display Elements (5)

    RGB Holiday Display Elements are a modern take on outdoor, classic holiday decorations.  These displays do music to lights like nothing you've ever seen.  Shapes available include Mega trees, mini trees, tunnels, snowflakes, and arches.  Custom shapes are certainly available, as well.  We can make spheres, animal designs, or anything else you come up with. Everything is plug and play, so be sure to check out the manual for more information about how easily they go up and down.  Spend your extra time putting more lights up!
  • RGB LED Strings

    RGB LED Strings (6)

    Our RGB LED Lighting is used in the most popular products for our customers. You can achieve a professional light show with ease! RGB LED lights combine three colors (red, green and blue) and when varied in intensity have the ability to produce over 16.7 million colors!

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