Chroma Graphix Joy Love Tree


Chroma Graphix Joy Love Tree


Attract customers and spread joy with this attractive and mesmerizing light show.  These festive trees perfectly combine holiday greeting with great whimsical design and are able to be customized with any message.  Send us your design, or have us create a custom design for you.

Our Chroma Graphix Joy-Love Tree is 6-ft x 4-ft Tall and can create over 16.7 million different color variations.  The energy-efficient LED lights are pre-programmed to a mesmerizing animated light show and can be synchronized to music, if desired.

Options available:  Standalone $4,999  |  Standalone w/ Sync $5,665  |  Light Show Ready w/ Sync + Link $6,499

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Quick Start Guide – 221 kB


Product Spec

Size approx. 6-ft x 4-ft.

Energy efficient LEDs.

Thin profile to allow for compact storage.

Fully programmable and customizable.

100% outdoor-rated and waterproof.

Made in the USA.


Chroma Graphix Joy Love Tree

Standalone $4,999
User, app-controlled color changing effects.

Standalone with Sync $5,665
Includes light show sequencing synced to 10 holiday songs

Light Show Ready with Sync + Link $6,499
Capable of linking multiple, compatible RGB fixtures, elements, & light strands.
Includes light show sequencing synced to 10 holiday songs.

Chroma Graphix Line

Whimsical, color-pattern fixtures that add a fun & festive element to your lighting display.  Eye-catching as a standalone display or as a synchronized part of your larger light show design.

Choose from our in-stock designs or let us customize a design completely for your specific need!

Great for Commercial or Residential use!

Do you put out the same, worn out holiday decorations every year?  Did your kids used to love them, but now they don’t put down their cell phone long enough to even appreciate them?  Or maybe you run a retail business and need something to set yourself apart from the stiff competition?

After all, retailers make anywhere from 20% – 40% of their entire annual income during the holiday shopping season.  That means a successful holiday season lays the groundwork for the rest of the year and a bad season can set a very dark tone.  Create a holiday buzz with our animated Christmas lighting displays!

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