Custom Singing Characters

Custom Singing Characters

Have the design in mind for a Singing Character you’d like to create?  Maybe you need a mascot for your school or a safety character for your business’s entrance?  With our Custom Singing Characters we make it easy — you pick, you design, we create!

Just check out the pic and the Singing Character Crayon we created for Crayola! Tell us, what do you need?

We understand that same old, outdated decor no longer creates that magical spark.  There is no doubt that our Custom Singing Character display will help you to fascinate and recapture your audience’s attention!

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Quick Start Guide – 333 kB


Product Spec

Daytime & nighttime appeal with full-color UV printed faces.

RGB LED illumination at night.

Standalone option or Light Show Ready option.

Capable of syncing with multiple, compatible fixtures, elements, or light strands.

Light Show Ready option includes show sequencing to 10 holidays songs.

100% outdoor-rated and waterproof.

Energy efficient LEDs


Does your business need a front entrance mascot?  Perhaps your sports team needs a pep!  You pick, you design, we create!

Our Custom Singing Characters are a remarkably modern, animated Christmas light show.  Our fantastical, lighted characters sing along with your favorite Christmas songs.  Imagine these guys entertaining a large crowd of your patrons, family, and friends.  They are so much fun to watch!

All of our Custom Singing Characters are animated with ultra bright, commercial-grade LED light strings that are each strategically linked to specific channels on our lighting controller.

Our UV printed graphical fronts give these characters a daytime appeal unmatched by anyone else in the industry.  Our outdoor-rated, signage grade materials mean that your holiday entertaining game will be strong for years to come!

Like we said, you pick, you design, we create!

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