Lanternz 12 Days of Christmas


Lanternz 12 Days of Christmas


Hang it, plug it in and watch it twirl!  An easy, economical solution for a dark area within your display.  Our 12 Days of Christmas Lanternz is the perfect addition to any holiday decor.

Want to spark more imagination and fun?  Use it as an interactive playground for your guests!  Sound appealing?  Think shadow jump rope or shadow hopscotch!  The possibilities are endless.  Let us help you create!

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Product Spec

100% outdoor-rated and waterproof.

Fabricated with Polycarbonate and ABS plastic.

Approx. 2.5-ft x 2.5-ft in size.

Shadow projection varies by hanging height.

At 8-ft off ground, casts 25-foot diameter shadow.

Option to add automated, rotation capability.

Uses standard, halogen bulb to illuminate.

Made in the USA.


Our Lanternz Collection was sparked by the standard, shadow-light fixtures you can find across the globe.  Though, in typical Jolt fashion (we’re designers and innovators, remember!), we re-imagined the design into a product that is inherently interactive!  We want to tell a story with our Lanternz pieces, not just another creative design.

With our Lanternz line, you have an opportunity to create an interactive, immersive environment for your guests.  Just wait and watch kids jump across the shadows and play in the light!  It’s also a great solution for a dark area needing to be lit-up with an economical option.

Want to create a custom Lanternz?  We can do that, too!

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