Light Graphix Menorah


Light Graphix Menorah


The menorah, hanukiah specifically, was an ancient lamp that accompanied the Israelites during their wanderings through the desert and later sat in their Temple.  It had seven branches, was fueled with olive oil, and was made of gold.  Though our Light Graphix Menorah doesn’t burn true fire, we guarantee it shines ever so brightly!

Featuring vibrant, colorful facades and backlit LED illumination, the classic design of our Light Graphix Menorah is always visible and photo-op ready.

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Product Spec

100% outdoor-rated and waterproof.

Approx. 6-ft x 4-ft in size.

Backlit polycarbonate features illuminated with white LEDs.

Daytime and nighttime appeal with full-color, UV-printed facades and nightime illumination.

Wall-mountable or self-standing with included base.

Polycarbonate and aluminum construction.

In-stock designs or customizable.

Made in the USA.


Our LightGraphix collection of fixtures combines traditional holiday design with a modern twist.  Unlike wireframes or fiberglass which present well in either night OR day, Light Graphix showcase beautifully in BOTH.  Featuring vibrant, colorful facades and backlit LED illumination, the festive design of these pieces is always visible and photo-op ready!

Choose from our in-stock designs or let us customize a design completely for your specific need!

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