Naughty or Nice Gauge


Naughty or Nice Gauge


During the holidays, folks can see Christmas lights just about anywhere.  This product gives your patrons a chance to interact with your Christmas Display!

Let your guests discover what’s written next to THEIR name on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List.  As the stand at the North Pole in front of Santa’s watchful eye, they’ll find out if they’ve been Naughty, Nice, or somewhere in between this year!  Available as a drive-thru interactive product as well; different sensor technology.

Interactive, immersive and modern pieces, check out more of our Winteractiv Line!

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Product Spec

For use indoor or outdoors.

Choose from activation options: push button, action-mat, or motion sensor.

Walk-up or drive-thru options available.

Choose from in-stock design or have us customize graphics with a theme, character, or logo specific to your display.

Standard size is 4-ft x 8-ft.

Custom sizes available.

Daytime & nighttime appeal with full-color printed facade and backlit LED illumination.

Wall-mountable or self-standing with included base.

Polycarbonate and aluminum construction.

In-stock designs or customizable.

Made in the USA.


Our WinterActiv line is double duty holiday decor!  This collection of fixtures combines iconic Christmas and wintry imagery and they each feature a unique and engaging interactive element, too.  These playful pieces work seamlessly with almost any outdoor or indoor holiday display design and guests become immersed in the easy-to-learn, fun-to-watch gameplay adding to the feeling of festivity and holiday spirit at your venue. And, they make great backdrops for photo ops!

Additionally, we can customize graphics on these pieces if your display has a certain theme, or if you’d like to add your business’s branding and logo. They can also be scaled to custom sizes to fit your venue’s needs.


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