RGB Lasers

RGB Lasers

Our most popular model of lasers, these contain Red, Green, and Blue lights as well as the mesmerizing option to have the laser dots move at slow, fast or stopped (static) speeds.

This isn’t the consumer-grade version you are used to seeing on homes. This one is used by major theme parks and other commercial entities that are looking to achieve that popular effect without the low quality that usually comes with it.

Use the provided handheld remote controller to turn on the moving option. You can also stop the pattern in place at any time, allowing you to fine tune the effect you are going for.

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Product Spec

  • Controlled via included remote control
  • 100% outdoor-rated and waterproof


Use the remote to select an individual color only like Red, Green, or Blue. Select a dual combination of color like Red+Green, Red+Blue or Green+Blue. Or select all three colors at the same time! Our remote also features an interval timer from 1-8 hours, strobe mode, change colors automatically as well as a power on/off button.

Exclusively featured in numerous major theme parks across the country, these laser projectors bring theme park quality professional lighting to your home. Using state-of-the-art internal laser diodes and Smart-Life™ temperature heat sink controllers, these laser projectors will cast thousands of pinpoint laser dots instantly with hassle free maintenance for years to come.

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