RGB Mega Trees


RGB Mega Trees


We’ve done it.  We’ve seen other’s do it.  You’re about to do it.  *GASP* in awe at the mesmerizing, hypnotic effects of our RGB Mega Trees!  Don’t worry, we didn’t really see you.  Though, we guarantee with our riveting Mega Tree display that you WILL be seen!  Go ahead, let us see you.  Create a Christmas experience that brings people together to share holiday cheer and to make memories.  It’s our all time, client favorite for a reason and no, not just this season.

It’s worth mention, that our RGB Mega Tree system isn’t a back-breaker.  You can be the hero without having to feel like zero!  Boasted as the easiest setup in the business, we engineered our tree system to only require a 6-ft ladder and some basic tools.  We like to deliver, we said EASY.

Grass Only Install Options:  10-ft $5,999  |  17-ft $6,835  |  20-ft $7,999
180° Steel Frame Options:  10-ft $6,665  |  17-ft $8,835  |  20-ft $11,999
360° Steel Frame Options:  10-ft $8,335  |  17-ft $11,335  |  20-ft $12,499

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Quick Start Guide – 364 kB


Product Spec

Variety of heights including 10-, 17-, 20-ft tall; includes telescopic pole.

Exquisitely and professionally programmed lighting effects perfectly synced to music with our Core Show Player.

Easy setup only requires a 6-foot ladder and some basic tools.

Simple, plug-and-play electronic system.

Tight light-spacing for jaw dropping resolution (see details in section below).

100% outdoor-rated and waterproof.

Runs “stand-alone” or as part of a larger display.

Complimentary to our Mega Tree Star Toppers!

Pixel Count

Tree Height # of Nodes # of Strips # of Pixels Node Spacing
10-ft 90 16, 3m Strips 1,440 1-inch
17-ft 150 16, 5m Strips 2,400 1-inch
20-ft 180 16, 6m Strips 2,880 1-inch


Our RGB Mega Trees are the staple of the modern lighting display. Young and old alike will be enthralled by the smooth, complex lighting effects as they dance across the eye and mesmerize viewers.  These commanding structures never fail to coax the “oohs” and “aahs” from viewers you normally only get from expensive fireworks.

We engineered these trees to have the easiest setup in the industry, only requiring a 6-foot ladder and some tools to extend these trees to towering heights!

Light Show Ready w/ EZ-UP Telescopic Pole & Stakes (grass install only)
10’ • $5,999 | 17’ • $6,835 | 20’ • $7,999

Light Show Ready w/ 180° Steel Frame
10’ • $6,665 | 17’ • $8,835 | 20’ • $11,999

Light Show Ready w/ 360° Steel Frame
10’ • $8,335 | 17’ • $11,335 | 20’ • $12,499

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