RGB Plug-n-Play Lighting System


RGB Plug-n-Play Lighting System


Formerly, our In-A-Box product, this newly renamed collection is a perfect solution, if you’re looking for ease.

Those other guys expect you to understand overly-technical electronics concepts and for you to spend days creating a pixel lighting system.  You’re like, “a what system?”  We get it.  We know you’re busy and that all you want is to install a fun, energetic, and epic light show without any hassle.  As industry leaders, we went ahead and paved the way for you.  Behold our RGB Plug-n-Play System!  Yes, it’s a no-hassle kit, but you don’t have to be a novice to appreciate the simplicity of this animated light show system.

This kit is complete with a Core Show Player, RGB pixel controller and your choice of either qty=16 or qty=32 strands of our 14-ft R50 lights.  You’ll appreciate the ease of letting us construct this kit for you!

BONUS!  Refresh the system from year to year by adding new songs and sequencing.  Plug in the system for Halloween and leave through Christmas; just change out your songs!  Easy-peasy!

Package options:  Christmas Songs Package  |  Halloween Songs Package  |  (16) 14-ft R50 Light Strands w/ Player & Controller $5,999  |  (32) 14-ft R50 Light Strands w/ Player & Controller $8,665

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Quick Start Guide – 361 kB


Product Spec

Simple, plug-n-play system.

Complete kit; lights, controller, show player and songs.

Choose between Christmas themed songs or Halloween themed songs.

2 Year Warranty.

Energy efficient LEDs.

Bright RGB R50 Pixels.

100% outdoor-rated and waterproof.

LED Spec

R50 Pixels

9″ pixel spacing
14-ft string length
21 nodes per string
50mm sphere lens
30.25 watts per string


Do you hang lights for Christmas?  Do you decorate for Halloween?  Does your bar or nightclub need a little more pep?  Maybe you have a nice deck or patio and want fun lighting for a party?

Our Plug-n-Play Lighting System can cover all of these applications AND MORE!

Complete with a Core Show Player, RGB pixel controller and our R50 RGB light strands, this easy plug-n-play kit is the perfect solution for you, if you’re looking for a RGB animated lighting complete system.


Sometimes you need to light a building, a tree, some hedges, or the like.  Our plug-n-play systems pair light strands with proper controller and feature custom show sequencing choreographed to holiday favorites of today and yesterday.  Whether you’re decorating one building or an entire light experience, these kits are built to offer ease of install to a normally technical and at times difficult style of lighting entertainment.  Refresh the system from year to year by adding new songs and sequencing!

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