RGB Tunnels


RGB Tunnels


Being immersed in light from all directions is an unforgettable experience that no picture or video can adequately capture.  As viewers move through the tunnel, they are treated to a nearly limitless palette of colors and an ultimate sensory experience!

These commanding structures are by far one of the most impressive elements that can be added to any animated lighting display, so if you’re in search of something incredible that will leave your patrons talking for years to come then look-no-further!

Light Show Ready Size Options:  48’ x 20’ w/ 3’ spacing $16,665  |  48’ x 20’ w/ 1.5’ spacing $24,999

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Quick Start Guide – 5000 kB


Product Spec

Awe-inspiring display of light.

Walk-thru or Drive-thru options available.

Pre-programmed effects built in.

Modular design; let’s talk size!

Lighting effects can be perfectly synced to music

Simple, plug-and-play system.

Runs “stand-alone” or as part of a larger display.

100% outdoor-rated and waterproof.

Expand the length of your tunnel by combining multiple units.


We re-imagined RGB Tunnels with a modular, expandable design that can fit any installation space from small to large!  These are pieces that you truly have to see to believe.  Ooh’s and ahh’s are guaranteed!  Our tunnel is the perfect addition to your driveway, drive-thru light park, or covering a path for patrons to casually walk through.
  1. Modular Design – How long does your tunnel need to be?  Let’s make it happen!  We’ve created tunnels as short as 48′, and as long as 240′.
  2. Breathtaking Sequencing – We aim to impress with our sequencing, and our RGB Tunnel sequences are next to none.  They can even be tied in with your musical display!
  3. Plug-and-Play – Setup the tunnel, plug it in, watch it go.  It’s literally that easy!
  4. Create Memories for a Lifetime – We’re not exaggerating when we say this is an experience.  Every patron lucky enough to take in the magical mixing of light and sound will not leave disappointed, and are sure to have the experience etched into their minds forever!
The best part? ALL of our products can synchronize together in a seamless lighting experience set to your favorite holiday songs! (Requires the purchase of our Core Show Player.)
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