Singing Light Bulbs


Singing Light Bulbs


When you think of the Christmas holiday, you think blinking lights, right?  Yep, we do, too.  That’s why we fell in love with these fun, quirky, animated Singing Light Bulbs!  It was a design opportunity we could not pass up.  These fantastical, lighted characters sing along with your favorite Christmas songs.  Yep, you’ll be singing as well!

If you’re looking for a display that has a great, daytime appeal as well then these Singing Light Bulbs are the perfect fit.  This product is our most vibrant Singing Character; it is certain to stand out beautifully during the day, and shine bright during the night!

Light Show Ready Options Available:  1-Character $3,475  |  Set-of-2 $5,665  |  Set-of-3 $8,499  |  Set-of-4 $10,665

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Quick Start Guide – 333 kB


Product Spec

Daytime & nighttime appeal with full-color UV printed faces.

RGB LED illumination at night.

Standalone option or Light Show Ready option.

Capable of syncing with multiple, compatible fixtures, elements, or light strands.

Light Show Ready option includes show sequencing to 10 holidays songs.

100% outdoor-rated and waterproof.

Approx. 6-ft x 3-ft and 60 pounds.

Energy efficient LEDs.


Updated in 2018, our Singing Light Bulbs are a fun way to bring something visually appealing to your animated musical display!
  1. Brand New – Custom created by our in-house design gurus, these quirky Singing Light Bulbs are sure to bring smiles to faces and wonderment to eyes!
  2. Vivid and Vibrant – Our most vibrant Singing Characters, these Singing Light Bulbs will stand out beautifully against your backdrop during the day, and shine bright during the night!
  3. Plug-and-Play – Setup your Singing Light Bulbs, plug them in, and watch them dance to our sequencing with our Core Show Player. It’s literally that easy!
  4. Commanding Size – These bulbs are anything but small. Coming in around 4′ tall, these are able to be seen clearly from a considerable distance – making them perfect for installations from residential to drive-thru light parks.
  5. 100% Outdoor-rated – These Singing Bulbs are made with signage-grade Alupanel, which means they will stand up to the harshest of elements year after year!
The best part? ALL of our products can synchronize together in a seamless lighting experience set to your favorite holiday songs! (Requires the purchase of our Core Show Player.)
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