Singing Reindeer


Singing Reindeer


Are you noticing that your Christmas setup just doesn’t rank as high on the excite-o-meter as it used to?  If you think about it, it’s no surprise since all the new developments within the technology industry have changed the game.  Those same old humdrum holiday decorations just do not have that same magical spark.  It seems that it’s time to upgrade and put some razzle-dazzle back into your holiday!  There is no doubt that our Singing Reindeer display will help you to fascinate and recapture your audience’s attention.

We must warn you though, if you build it, they will come!!  Don’t be surprised when you look out your window to find a lawn full of families dancing and singing along to your enchanting display.  Even the reindeer will join in on the fun as their eyes and mouth move merrily to mimic the words of each song and if our Singing Santa tags along he’ll be so happy that his mustache will wiggle with glee!  Don’t spend another year trying to chase down the holiday spirit, create it.

Light Show Ready Options Available:  1-Character $3,475  |  Set-of-2 $5,665  |  Set-of-3 $8,499  |  Set-of-4 $10,665

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Quick Start Guide – 333 kB


Product Spec

Daytime & nighttime appeal with full-color UV printed faces.

RGB LED illumination at night.

Standalone option or Light Show Ready option.

Capable of syncing with multiple, compatible fixtures, elements, or light strands.

Light Show Ready option includes show sequencing to 10 holidays songs.

100% outdoor-rated and waterproof.

Approx. 4-ft x 6-ft and 60 pounds.

Energy efficient LEDs


A remarkable, modern, animated Christmas light show has fantastical, lighted characters singing along with your favorite Christmas songs.  Imagine these guys entertaining a large crowd of your patrons, family, and friends.  They are so much fun to watch!

You have the option to purchase our larger-than-life Singing Reindeer heads as Solo, Duo, Trio or Quartet arrangements. Make the best Christmas light show on the block with a Singing Santa and Singing Reindeer combo!  One programmable Christmas light controller (included with the purchase of any Singing Character) can run up to four characters!

All of our Singing Characters are animated with ultra bright, commercial-grade LED light strings that are each strategically linked to specific channels on our lighting controller. One programmable Christmas light controller (included with the purchase of any Singing Character) can run up to four Singing Characters!

Our UV printed graphical fronts give these characters a daytime appeal unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Our outdoor-rated, signage grade materials mean that your holiday entertaining game will be strong for years to come!

Combine these with our Singing Elves and Singing Santa to create the best Christmas light display on the block!

* This product comes with a lighting controller included, but you MUST add a show player to your order if you don’t already have one of your own. If you already own a show player from Jolt Lighting, fantastic! It will run this product in conjunction with your other product(s), all on the same sequencing!

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