Singing Snowmen


Singing Snowmen


The record for the world’s largest snowman was set in 2008 in Bethel, Maine and stood 122-feet and 1-inch in height.  Yep, that’s big!  Want BIG?  We got big, too!  Our Singing Snowmen are going to create a magically,  animated light show that grows even the tiniest, grumpiest of hearts into BIGGEST cheerful smile!

Our Singing Snowmen are a remarkable, modern, animated Christmas light show.  These fantastical, lighted characters will sing along with your favorite Christmas songs.  Imagine these guys entertaining a large crowd of your patrons, family, and friends.  They are so much fun to watch!

Light Show Ready Options Available:  1-Character $3,475  |  Set-of-2 $5,665  |  Set-of-3 $8,499  |  Set-of-4 $10,665

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Quick Start Guide – 333 kB


Product Spec

Daytime & nighttime appeal with full-color UV printed faces.

RGB LED illumination at night.

Standalone option or Light Show Ready option.

Capable of syncing with multiple, compatible fixtures, elements, or light strands.

Light Show Ready option includes show sequencing to 10 holidays songs.

100% outdoor-rated and waterproof.

Approx. 4-ft x 4-ft and 60 pounds.

Energy efficient LEDs.


Brand new for 2018, our Singing Snowmen are sure to bring smiles to the faces of all that have the pleasure of viewing!
  1. Newly Designed – The latest addition to our Singing Characters line, these Singing Snowmen are fresh off the press! Be one of the first to display these awesome characters.
  2. Sing Along with Sequencing – These Singing Snowmen are programmed to sing along with your favorite holiday tunes. They can even be sequenced with your entire lighting display!
  3. Plug-and-Play – Setup your characters, plug them in, and watch them sing. It’s literally that easy!
  4. Daytime Appeal – With UV-printed graphical fronts for the day and energy-efficient LEDs for night, these look fantastic no matter what time it is!
  5. 100% Outdoor-rated – These Singing Snowmen are made from signage-grade Alupanel for an unsurpassed level of quality and rigidity. They will stand up to the harshest elements year after year!
The best part? ALL of our products can synchronize together in a seamless lighting experience set to your favorite holiday songs! (Requires the purchase of our Core Show Player.)
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