The Benefits of Commercial Holiday Decorations for Your Business!

During the holidays, retailers make anywhere from 20% – 40% of their entire annual income. A successful holiday season lays the groundwork for the rest of the year and a bad season can set a very dark tone.

Give it some thought… Imagine yourself out and about during the holiday season. You look left and see people strolling in and out of overstocked stores, their arms filled with gifts. You look right and see sparkling decorations, Commercial Holiday Decorationsthick evergreen trees, and spectacular dancing lights. It’s no doubt that the Christmas holiday is in full swing.

Now, you glance ahead and see two separate stores that both stock a very hard-to-find item you have yet to check off your gift list. Both stores are selling the item for roughly the same price, but the store to the right hasn’t bothered to decorate for the holiday. Hmmmm… You watch as gloomy employees dressed in non-holiday colored uniforms wander around the inside of the store looking bored.

The competitor store that’s right next door is filled with twinkling lights, wreaths, and garland galore! You can hear holiday tunes playing merrily from a speaker near the entrance of the festive store and as a happy customer emerges you catch the smell of gingerbread cookie scents wafting out as more customers push their way inside.

Which store are you more likely to walk into?

Why Commercial Holiday Decorations Matter

  1. Getting people into your business during the all-important holiday season is the goal. Therefore, you have to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition. This is especially true for smaller, independent stores that already have to compete against their larger competitors. What sets you apart?
  2. You answered the question earlier. Which store are you more likely to walk into; the one that does or does not decorate for the holiday? Studies have been conducted and that is the consensus, that overwhelmingly shoppers choose the store with the decorations and holiday spirit. Yes, people complain about how early decorations go up, yet their spending habits show they prefer them.
  3. Studies have shown that the positive feeling that grows inside of the customers as they enter a store decorated for the holidays tend to make them buy more often than not. They are happier and therefore, more likely to buy gifts for those on their shopping list and for themselves.
  4. Decorating can include a multitude of items such as trees, lights, garland, but it it can also include a specific smell! Having the right holiday scent can affect customers mood even more and encourage more spending. Also, holiday music when set low and in the background can almost have a subliminal effect on people.

We have a great variety of commercial holiday decorations for you to choose from AND we can create unique, custom decorations from scratch!


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All Businesses Can Benefit!

Of course, holiday decorating pertains to more than just retail businesses. If you run a restaurant, hotel or any other type of business, the right commercial holiday decorations can make your establishment the latest buzz! We’ve been in the holiday design industry for a long time and we know for a fact that news of a great holiday display will get around by word of mouth and can often times lead to media coverage, become family outing attractions or even more simply be utilized to boost your employees moral! Happy employees = happy customers.

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