The Kids Will Never Make It To Your Door

Commercial Halloween Displays

Scare the wits out of the kiddos before they ever make it to your door with our commercial Halloween displays! Great for residential use as well!

Don’t want to buy candy for Halloween this year or maybe you’d rather eat all the candy while you watch the kids run helplessly from your yard before ever making it to your door!? Bahahaha, then do we have the product for you!

With Jolt Lighting’s animated Sugar Skull, you could be the ENVY of your neighborhood or business park! It is commercial and outdoor rated which gives the Sugar Skull and inflated sense of ego and makes it feel very superior to us mere mortals. Watch the skull come to life oozing out its dreadful light show to scary, suspenseful music!

Go ahead if you dare, check out the video below! There’s nothing we can’t accomplish here at Jolt Lighting, so if you’d like your skull to turn on by motion sensor activation at just the perrrrfect moment, then let us know! Did we mention we have an endless song library so that you can choose the perfect frightful compilation for your skull? What about that we can print a custom graphic to the front of the your commercial Halloween displays? Yep, we can, so get yours on order before it’s too late!

Don’t be too afraid! Feel free to pair up your Sugar Skull with one of our other Halloween products listed for sale in our shop! The holiday is yours to conquer! …and our products will last you year, after year, after year… Contact Jolt Lighting today for your Commercial Halloween Displays!

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