Three Christmas Light Show Secrets from the Professionals

A successful light show doesn’t have to be complex, but it does need to be organized. Follow these three secrets practiced by professionals, and we’ll bring you more in the weeks to come.

1) Planning Stage – Having a master plan is imperative to a good show. The planning stages should contain a budget which dictates display element selection, which in turn dictates the parts lists for purchases.

Once you know the elements, it is important to estimate how long it will take to assemble. Once you have your labor estimates, you can create your timeline.

Remember, no plan is perfect. It is a dynamic document that updates and changes as the project moves along.

2) Order early – The Christmas industry is seasonal. You will get the quickest response times from companies if you place your orders as early in the year as possible. Many companies are still willing to work with you into the fall, but be prepared for potential delays.

3) Length of Show – There are generally two schools of thought here. Some prefer long shows of 15 to 30 songs and some like a concise show of one to three selections. Generally speaking, it is best to decide based on your traffic and situation.

If you are a walk-through Light Park, you will have visitors in certain sections for longer durations, which means that they have the opportunity to sit (or stand) and take in a longer show. In a drive-thru setting, a very short, concise show is usually preferred as to not slow the flow of traffic.

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