Don't lose your most cautious customers this season. Install a no-contact ticketing system!

How it Works

The 2020 pandemic has changed the way our society interacts and potentially for many years to come.  It will be important to shift your business model to accommodate those still anxious about the health exposure.  With our pay ahead online contact-less ticketing system, guests display their ticket in a closed vehicle window and the ticket is scanned through the glass. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  PayPal

  • We setup a webpage for your ticket sales.
  • We configure it to use your current (or a new) PayPal account to receive funds.
  • All sales are directly deposited to your account, never ours.

Step 2:  Event Promotion

  • You ask your potential customers to purchase tickets in advance, usually by way of social media.
  • You promote that your event has a no-contact entertainment option suited for the most careful of customers.

Step 3:  Advance Ticket Purchase

  • Your customer sees the link on your website, Facebook or other social media and purchases the ticket, all in advance.
  • This is a no hassle, straight-forward purchase process for your customer.

Step 4:  Scan-Ready Ticket via Email

  • Your customer receives a no-contact, scan-ready ticket via their supplied email address. 
  • This customer has the option to print the ticket or show it directly from their cellphone. 

Step 5:  On-Site Ticketing Process

  • Advance ticket purchasers will be acclimated to the no-contact process having already been introduced through your advance purchasing system.
  • Customers who did not purchase in advance, but want no-contact will be informed on how to “buy now” via onsite signage strategically staged at the entrance of your light park. 
  • Tickets can be shown and scanned through closed vehicle window either by a printed ticket or by a digital ticket via their cellphone.
  • Event admittance is confirmed by scanning the QR code on your customers tickets.
  • A confirmation is given less than 2 seconds later and you wave them in for the fun!

Advertising that your park is contactless will be the advantage you have over other parks in the area.  If there aren’t others, your competitors may pay the price.


If they didn’t know about the option for no-contact, advanced tickets then signs at the entrance of your park would help instruct customers to grab their phones and buy tickets now, before they get to the gate.
Signs would also inform your guest to keep the windows up and push the paper ticket (or cellphone) to the window of the vehicle for scanning at the gate.




How much does your system cost per ticket? 
We don’t charge per ticket.  We charge $1500 annually – a flat fee.  Paypal will take their standard fee, similar to the credit card companies (approx. 3%).  We don’t process your money, so we do not charge per ticket.  Our services are related to the system, the configuration, the consulting, and the support services.

Does this system make sense for me, price-wise?
If you charge $15 per car, we get the admission from the first 103 cars (Well, we get 100 and Paypal gets 3).  Paypal gets 3 cars from every 100, actually, but that’s the nature of a cashless business and most of you are likely already acclimated to that reality. 

If your park does 200 cars a year, this will never make sense for you.  If you do 5,000+ cars, this is a drop in the hat. takes $1 per ticket.  A few others take more (up to 22%).  Our service will pay itself off every year, without fail.  The goal is to always keep more of your hard earned money in your own pocket.

Can I use the app on iPhone?
Yes.  Both Android and iPhone apps are available in the app store.

Does your system accept credit cards?
No.  Our Event Tickets system does not accept credit cards.  It is a fully no-contact system.  The best way to accept both methods of payment is to also setup Paypal Here and slide cards on the same mobile phone you use to scan the tickets.

Do you have plans to include credit cards in the future?
Yes.  The next version of our system will likely accept credit cards.

Why do I need a no-contact ticketing system?
Think of our system as an insurance policy.  It’s designed to take you past the scare that the 2020 pandemic has instilled in many of our customers.  You will need a no-contact payment method this year, likely next year, and truthfully we don’t know how long.  If you don’t intend to limit your ticket sales, you’ll have to cater to the ones playing it safe – or they may find that your competitors are.

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