Why RGB LED Christmas Lights are the better option!

RGB LED Christmas Lights: Any bulb. Any color. Any intensity.


Hanging lights on trees, houses and in our yards isn’t a new familiarity for the Christmas holiday, but with advancements in lighting technology now customers can deliver highly complex lighting effects and an entirely unique display experience with RGB products. Customers no longer have to settle for the static light displays (okay, maybe your lights blink on and off) that our parents and grandparents did before us. You have the option to upgrade your holiday lighting from dull to exquisite! Are you ready to add to the intrigue of your holiday display? We thought so!

Okay, you get it, RGB LED Christmas Lights is the way to go, but WHY?

Variety of Colors: Think of a color. Yes, RGB lighting technology can achieve that color. Try again, think of another color. Yep, RGB lighting can produce that color too! I won’t keep leading you on. With RGB lighting technology you have the ability to produce over 16.7 million different colors! No, that’s not a typo. Imagine the fascination that your RGB display will create!

Value: The upfront cost for RGB lighting is slightly higher that the traditional LED strings, but you have to consider that with one RGB string you can achieve any color imaginable. Your cost savings comes into play because you don’t have to buy a string of lights for every color you seek. Not to mention you can’t even achieve most of the RGB color variations with traditional methods. In the end, RGB is a better overall value.

Indoor/Outdoor: Traditional Christmas lights don’t manage well in an outdoor application for a couple of reasons: 1) They are comprised of a two-piece design (bulbs can be removed from the housing) which allows moisture and debris to work it’s way into the socket leading to light failure. 2) They quickly degrade from UV damage. However, RGB LED Christmas lights don’t have these same issues! Our RGB light strings are fabricated with an over-molded design which means they are manufactured as one-piece and therefore, offer a huge advantage in durability. Additionally, our RGB lighting is treated with UV-inhibitors which help to prevent deterioration from damaging sun rays. RGB lighting technology is perfect for an indoor application as well!

Control: RGB lighting is made up of pixels that are able to be controlled in sections as small as a few inches. Take a moment to imagine a spiral designed Christmas tree. The standard way to decorate a tree such as this would be to physically wrap the strands of light around the tree from top to bottom. This task can be quite tedious. With RGB light strings you simply hang the strand vertically and let the software create the spiral effect for you! Another neat trick with RGB technology is that you can create very smooth fades for the ultimate transitions.


Flexibility: A lot of families decorate their houses for Halloween in the standard color pallet meant for the scary holiday; orange, green, and purple. You already put all that hard-work into hanging the lights, so why take them down a month later just to immediately replace them with Christmas coordinated colors; blue, green, red and white? Stop causing yourself excess work! With RGB light strings you can leave your lights up and change the colors based on the holiday. No need to switch them out for each new seasonal display because RGB colors will change for you; you don’t have to change them!

Size/Weight: If you’re a go-getter and build large holiday displays out of DIY frame structures then you already know that wrapping several different strands of light strings to achieve the color combinations you desire can be awfully and sometimes detrimentally heavy. With RGB light strings, you only have to wrap one strand around your frames so you can use simple, lightweight structures that in the end will save you money and cause less stress! Not to mention, less strands make for easier storage and much easier handling, if you find yourself atop a tall ladder.

No Fading/Flickering: Since RGB lights are powered by DC (Direct Current) rather than AC (Alternating Current), they do not suffer issues with improper fading or flickering. This makes a significant difference in the visual quality! You may have heard of people experiencing headaches from the constant flickering of low-grade lights, but there isn’t even potential for that problem, if you’re using RGB lighting technology.


We offer top-quality RGB LED Christmas Lights in our shop!

Check out our E-40, Bullet, and Rope RGB light options pictured below! Don’t worry, we’ve already prepackaged our RGB lights with the necessary components, so you don’t have to worry about which controller works best. We’ve done the work for you!

Did we mention our RGB light package options are all synchronized to music! Oh my, yep, just another perk! We call these our Christmas In A Box kits and it’s just one more way to distinguish your holiday display from the bunch!


Well, have you made your decision?

Now that you know the differences between traditional lights and RGB lights, is it clear which would be best for you?

In general, people who value short-term cost over long-term quality and durability tend to choose the traditional light strings; even though long-term costs may actually be greater with traditional light strings. These same people must also be willing to compromise on the complexity and uniqueness of their holiday display. And conversely, people who want the best-looking, longest-lasting lights that offer the greatest long-term value will generally choose the RGB lighting option.

Hopefully, this information has helped you decide which option of lights will best suit your needs because considering today’s date, there’s not much time left for fence sitting. Whichever option you prefer, it’s time to get those lights ordered! Contact Jolt Lighting today!

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